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Are you one of those people who call the new Apple iPhone a mobile phone? I bet you do not know exactly what you say. iPhone 4G is more than a cell phone because of its complexity, with the mind blowing features it has. Call it a sophisticated gadget. I will agree with you because it can serve as a replacement for digital cameras, handheld computers, video/mp3-Player, digital organizers and above all a new world in the mobile and telecommunications. It is sleek and stylish with its solid metal case. I do not speak their physical features here, all I want you some interesting features in the phone. iPhone is a cell phone safe and everyone knows that it is used in inbound and outbound calls like any other phone, but it has to call his own in a special way with the stylish Hahn speak function. You can access any number anywhere in the phone. Tap to call from your contact list or a number in a text message or on a website and even a map listing? iPhone makes calling easier and faster just by touching the number. You can also use the voice control function, you can speak a name or number, to start a call. And above all, you can merge calls, switch between calls or even up to 5 callers with a tap. Another feature is the simple video conferencing with face time, by just tapping the button face time from the contact list or a live call a video call to another iPhone 4G user can start. The filtering of background noise is so excellent in the iPhone 4G. Making a call in a noisy environment can be frustrating to you and your partner. But with the sophisticated microphone is installed, it will remove unwanted background noise so your callers can hear your voice clearly. To end this up, the voice mail system in iPhone 4G seems to the best ever in terms of visual voice mail. It gives you the option of selecting which of the messages you want to see or hear first exactly how your e-mail and not in the order they are received. So you can review the most important first and you can make a phone call just by tapping the button. These are some of the outstanding features of the new Apple iPhone 4G and I think it’s worth the experience if you can get for themselves. You can actually test this functionality from a free iPhone 4G. Try to keep an even, because some companies are willing to part with it on in exchange for a penny, but a review of the applications are in it.

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